Nobody is born a school shooter. They are made. And as such, they have common socioacademic factors in their background. Each of us, as experts in our respective fields, have come together united by this one overriding realization: identify the common factors, and you have a chance at identifying youth who are at risk for becoming school shooters, and intervening before it gets to that point.

Our group includes expertise in law, boys in society, behavioral psychology, law enforcement, and behavioral profiling.

As a group, we are committed to determining these common socioacademic factors that previous school shooters shared, through investigation that includes not only analyzing data, but going out in the field and interviewing those who knew previous school shooters best – parents, teachers, classmates, and others who interacted with them on a regular basis. With this information we are creating a model of what youths who share these common factors look like, and in particular what it looks like when a youth has a predisposition, when confronted with this constellation of factors, to go down the school shooting path.

In turn, this information, will be provided to schools and other institutions, to aid school psychologists, administrators, and teachers to identify these at-risk youths, so that they can intervene, and get them off that path. Before the shooting starts.

Remember, again, that nobody is born a school shooter. A boy who turns into a school shooter is every bit as much a victim of his circumstances as are his victims. By facilitating early intervention in the lives of these boys, many lives can be saved, including their own.

We are the founders of this group, and we are committed to….

…..Preventing School Shootings.

Anne P. Mitchell, Esq.
Dr. Warren Farrell
Dr. Stephen Walker
Jim Black
Pete Klismet

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