The following people and organizations support this project.  Whether in providing material support, guidance, or lending their name or their voice, each of these people have indicated their belief in this project, and the need for it.

Anne P. Mitchell, Attorney at Law, Dr. Warren Farrell, Dr. Stephen Walker, Jim Black, Pete Klismet …and we are Preventing School Shootings.

Each of the above founders is donating their own time, expertise, and resources.

List of Outside Supporters

The following have provided support in the form of resources, time, or a donation. If you would like to contribute your time or a resource, please contact us by email. To donate to help defray our expenses, please donate here.

Prof. Stewart Guthrie
The Boulder Outlook Hotel
Stephen James, LPC, MHSP, Author: Wild Things: the Art of Nurturing Boys

4 Responses to “Supporters”

  1. Kit Cassingham on 23/12/2013 #

    This looks like an amazing project. I can’t wait to see all that you guys bring to our attention and the changes you make.

    Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

  2. Diane Kratz on 31/12/2013 #

    I support this cause and I’m so thankful to know people like this group care enough to get involved. Anything I can do to help, just ask! Educating our teachers, parents, school social workers, administrators and students is a must! Schools need some kind of tool to help identify youths at risk. Bravo and good luck!

  3. Linda Williams Stirling on 31/12/2013 #

    This is a great cause. I’m impressed with the skill sets and backgrounds of the founding members. The planned agenda for identifying the common causes for concern of school shooters and educating schools, students, parents, and others, is innovative and has potential for great success. I’m glad to see someone go beyond “just talk” and pointing fingers, to looking for a realistic solution. Thank you!

  4. Stephen Walker on 01/01/2014 #

    Anne Mitchell is the dynamo that’s provided effective and efficient direction to an effort I love supporting in every way I can. To do head-to-head battle with the “Boys are Stupid throw rocks” campaign in a positive productive and healthy manner that benefits all society is what she’s about. Help us gain the traction it will take to truly make the difference.
    so – visit our store and get a cool shirt or hoodie and declare your support. Thanks.

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